APG, ADD, Bitflow, DRS Technologies, EMS Imaging, EPIX, Fastec, Fujinon, Hitachi, Imperx, Kowa, LATAB, Mikrotron, Moritex, MVTec, Navitar, Norpix, Opto Engineering, Intercon, Cosmicar, Rainbow lenses, Sofradir, Spectrum Illumination, Tamron, Teledyne Dalsa, The Imaging Source,Think Logical, TruVu, Uniq, Vivid Engineering, Vision Components, Ximea and Zeiss lenses. Pyramid Imaging proudly distributes products from these manufacturers. We only sell items from Best-of-Class manufacturers and you can be assured that you are not only receiving products that are state of the art and but they are the highest in quality and reliability.