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Pixelink Industrial and Life Sciences Cameras

Pixelink Industrial and Life Sciences Cameras

Pixelink USB 3.0 CMOS Cameras

Pixelink’s USB3 Vision cameras provide reliable, high-quality industrial imaging with fast data transfer speeds. The use of USB 3.0 allows machine vision wihtout the need of a framegrabber, greatly reducing the cost of your design.

Based on the proven sensors used in Professional CMOS Industrial Cameras, these camera lines feature sensors from the ON Semi Vita, ON Semi Python, ON Semi IBIS, ON Semi Mano, CMOSIS CMV, Sony IMX, and Aptina MT9 lines.

Designed for both end-user customer and OEM applications, all Pixelink industrial USB cameras can be used in both off-the-shelf and custom industrial vision solutions. See the following table for the USB 3.0 camera lines.

The PL-D721, PL-D722, PL-D729, PL-D732, PL-D732 NIR, PL-D752, PL-D7715, and PL-D775 feature autofocusing liquid lens configurations. For more information about these configurations, please contact us.