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Silicon Software Frame Grabbers

Silicon Software Frame Grabbers

Pyramid Imaging is the sole source provider for all Silicon Software products to the United States Government and Prime Military Contractors. You can view the Exclusivity Agreement here, which should suffice in obtaining a sole source justification to order from Pyramid Imaging.

Silicon Software has been designing and producing image acquisition boards and intelligent image processing boards since the 1990s. FPGA processors form the processing core of these boards. They excel with their highly parallelizable data processing. With its high bandwidths, this technology is preordained for industrial imaging. FPGA Development as Innovation Driver

FPGA development has proven itself to be an innovation driver since the mid-1980s, particularly in achieving smaller and smaller line width of the processors. In so doing, in spite of smaller die areas, a greater number of logical cells could be integrated. With more available logic resources and the FPGA performance they provide, today the processor incorporates the interfaces for camera inputs, signal processing, memory port, and data transfer in one FPGA. Product Concept Taken Further

Silicon Software takes its product concept even further. Frame grabbers have powerful FPGA processors to integrate high-quality image preprocessing functions into the firmware (A series). For programmable frame grabbers (V series), further FPGA resources and larger memory expansion are available for carrying out even complex image processing directly on the frame grabber without loading the CPU. FPGA programming is accomplished using the graphical development environment for FPGAs, VisualApplets.