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VisualApplets Software

VisualApplets Software

Pyramid Imaging is the sole source provider for all Silicon Software products to the United States Government and Prime Military Contractors. You can view the Exclusivity Agreement here, which should suffice in obtaining a sole source justification to order from Pyramid Imaging.

VisualApplets 3 offers a graphical data flow programming environment for real-time applications in Machine Vision based on FPGA processors.

Every VisualApplets delivery includes arithmetic and morphological operators for pixel manipulation, logical operators for classification tasks, complex modules for color processing, operators for statistical image analysis, and processing of image sequences, among others. Additional operators are responsible for format conversion, compression or conversion to pixel lists.

The graphical, high-level approach makes FPGA programming quick and simple. The resulting hardware code is immediately ready to use in the system. A high-level simulation displays the hardware behavior and helps to minimize integration time. The result is a timely and easy integration into factory automation.

Silicon Software’s programmable V-Series frame grabbers are pre-licensed for use with VisualApplets. They can be equipped with image processing applications that are executed directly on the frame grabber with high parallelism and minimal latency. Third-party manufacturer Baumer has already made the LX VisualApplets camera series fully compatible with VisualApplets 3.