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Teledyne DALSA Aboard OSIRIS-REx

Pyramid's Dr. Lee to attend launch this Thursday 8/8/2016 at Kennedy Space Center.
6 Sep 16
Teledyne DALSA’s High Performance Detectors Power “Electronic Eyes” Aboard OSIRIS-REx. Space-qualified and radiation-hardened, the Teledyne DALSA CCD detectors feature very low dark signal with a low read out noise, and power each of the 3 cameras that comprise the OCAMS: • PolyCam will collect telescopic images during the approach to Bennu and high resolution images once in formation; • MapCam is tasked with collecting color imagery and searching for satellites around the asteroid; • SamCam is dedicated to delivering context imagery during the Touch-and-Go sample collection. The spacecraft will reach Bennu in 2018 and return a sample to Earth in 2023.